Beta Testing Video Games – The Biggest Myth

By [https://EzineArticles.com/expert/Brad_T_Jones/2141668]Brad T Jones

Over the last few years the video games industry has become absolutely massive. The number of video games published each year continues to increase which means the number of beta testers required for new video games increases as well. While you can make good money beta testing video games, there is one myth which really needs explaining.

So you want to become a beta tester? Great, you get paid for playing video games and you get a brand new console to play them on for free! Wrong! This is just not true. It’s incredible though, the amount of times I see this mentioned on gaming forums and websites.

Trust me nobody is going to hand you a free PlayStation or Xbox! Yes, sure you can sign up and become a beta tester and make good money from it but you’ll need to have a console or computer to begin with.

In fact the more different gaming platforms you own the more work you can get. This is just plain common sense when you think about it. It’s like any kind of work. The more tools you have the jobs you can do. If you own all the three big consoles plus a pretty decent gaming rig you can pretty much pick and choose your work once you’ve got some experience under your belt. If you own any of the handheld gaming platforms you just about got every base covered.

But, if you add up the cost of all that equipment it’s going to run into thousands of dollars. Gaming systems cost a heck of a lot of money so why does everyone seem to think that they’ll end up getting a free console just by signing up with a beta testing company?

Trust me there are millions of folks out there who own multiple games platforms that are willing and ready to make money beta testing the latest games. There is no need for any gaming company to hand you a free console so just don’t believe it! It’s not true!

Actually, when you think about it, they want real gamers to test their products and if you don’t even own a games system then you’re not exactly a hardcore gamer are you!

I’ve been a beta tester for several years and I love it. I own just about every gaming platform ever made. I own them because I bought them and that’s the difference!

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Article Source: [http://EzineArticles.com/?Beta-Testing-Video-Games—The-Biggest-Myth&id=9068920] Beta Testing Video Games – The Biggest Myth

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